Liberty Maritime operating in the maritime sector.

Develops its business in the field of general warehouses, customs and foreign, in the embarkation and disembarkation of containers and various goods. It carries out the traditional customs services related to import / export, loading / unloading of the most varied types of goods whether fully loaded or in containers.

Operates for the technical and operational management of the handling, storage, embarkation and disembarkation activities, both on board and on the quay, and in particular of:
  • various goods in packages and in bulkcontainers
  • special pieces
  • lashing / unlashing
  • trailers/rolling
  • and any type of goods

For the performance of the aforementioned activities, the Company is equipped with the most modern operational means (mobile cranes, forklifts, mechanical shovels,) and suitable personnel exclusively for carrying out the company’s port operations. In the immediate vicinity of the port of Augusta there are open areas in use, authorized for the deposit of foreign and domestic goods with the functions of General Warehouse.